Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.


My Artworks


Enigma cups


Mug made of the finest clay, thin, elegant and refined. Cast clay, retouched and painted. Design is signed by Sonja Brzak, Croatia. Molding, retouching, painting three times the ignition is all hand made and is a completely unique product on the market. Each Enigma cup is hand painted with distinctive style by academic painter Sonja Brzak. Her expression, which she transferred from her paintings to the walls of mugs and saucers, make this artwork attractive to the eye. Extremely aesthetically pleasing, rich in color, the same mug provides the pleasure of sipping on coffee or tea rituals. No one will have an identical mug in the world!


The most frequent painting subjectof the academy-trained painter Sonja Brzak is a human figure. The painter is devoted to depicting one or more human figures that she connects and blends into one unbreakable unity. Her work consists mostly of paintings that seem abstract at first sight and are composed of many sharp-edged shapes in clean and dominant colours red and blue. However, only few paintings are completely undefined in terms of their theme and they distance themselves from the subject with their geometric abstraction. 


Along with painting in acrylics, the painter also cherishes the form of drawing with pencil on a paper. With the attention still on the motif of women faces, drawings with thin lines and soft shading are made, often enriched with red colour applied to the lips of the model. Portraits of old people stand out among drawings, with their tired and wrinkled faces that are drawn with precision through a clean grid of lines that repeats, and through realistic depiction of grey beards containing every single detail


Ceramic art is also a way of expression that Sonja Brzak explores and creates in. It is a special and indispensable form of her work that takes a special place in her entire creative work. With a big craft knowledge she creates various objects and pots – from urns and vases to unique sculptures. She often decorates the surface of pots with low reliefs with complex composition and she emphasizes the relief by using two colours: she paints the low parts in black and high parts in earth tones. Sonja Brzakhas been exploring the area of ceramic art for years and her ceramic objects are characterised by the quality of their fabrication and impressive aesthetics.


Excursions to Sonja Brzak in the sphere of applied art have produced interestingly decorated items of everyday use. Women’s purses are decorated with fragmented motifs of flora and fauna that at first glance look like abstract arabesque dyed with alive, often complementary colors. With a more careful look, we discern the body of fish, birds, elephants, frogs … Painted in fine silk texture, fused with the base of the purse, is an attractive fashion item.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”


The art of meeting your highest expectations


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